The 11 Components of Fitness

Before we start talking about which workout to do or how many protein shakes you need to drink a day! Lets talk about the 11 components of fitness some are skill related and others are health related:

1-Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance

The capability of the body to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.


2 – Stamina

The ability of the body to process, store, deliver, and utilize energy.


3- Strength

The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.


   4- Flexibility

The ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.


5- Power

The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.


6- Speed

The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement


7- Coordination

The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.



The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.



The ability to control the placement of the body’s center of gravity in relation to its support base



The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.


11-Body Composition

 the percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone.


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