10 Things to Consider Before Starting to Workout

1- what is your Goal?


Beside going to the  gym to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane or if your a cross-fitter digging to be the next Rich Froning, well please wake up and come back to reality those athletes did not become what they are in 6 month or even a year!

Create short term goals first (improving body composition, strength, flexibility) in the next 3 month once this is done add more goals & design the program around it. 

2- Time


When is the most suitable time for you? when can you dedicate at least 1 hour of training?

based on my personal experiences it all depends on the individual preference when to workout, personally i prefer mornings to get it out of my way and i have rest of the day dedicated to my family & job.

you need to program at least 3 days per week into your weekly schedule to have significant results.

3- GYM or Box Location


Location, Location, Location, having a gym close by will make things easier on your hectic schedule. After all, a good workout is supposed to lower your stress level. scan for a gym around your office or house depends on your daily plan, window shop and evaluate the trainers. machines &  customers  you will have a clearer picture if this is the right place ,sometimes an overcrowded gym or a popular one might not be the right one for you.

4-Personal Trainer


first advice its not the guy with the biggest biceps is the best trainer nor the bodybuilder who won multiple shows is the most suitable candidate.

look for Credentials from accredited organizations, experience, type of clients he trains and whats his core competencies, does it match your current and future goals that he can design programs and be the right person to evaluate your posture and progress? and make sure he walk the talk!

last but not least does he have the personality to train you? motivate you? or will he just count your reps and play with his smartphone!

5- Nutrition  Plan

Vector illustration of new my plate replaces food pyramid.

 nutrition is the key to see your results become visible, plan your food , calculate your macros based on your current Fitness goals.

food prep is a journey worth considering but if your a busy individual who cant spare a minute, locate healthy locations that you can arrange your food on the go or when ever you need it. 

supplementation is important but not to the extend of just using protein powders and popping bills and ignoring real food cause your in a hurry!!

PS. a cheese burger with diet Cola  from MacDonald s is not a healthy option! even if it fits your macros!!!!

6-gym partner


well some of us cant afford a personal trainer, then you might need a brother in arms, there is few things you need to consider first.

do you have the same fitness goals? is he reliable and committed as you and not a negative influence! can he spot you!! its really hard to find the perfect partner but once you do you will be sharing an extraordinary journey together.

7-workout Gear


well besides the tanks &  shorts, shoes are important!!! invest on a new pair of trainers, your knee & spine will thanks you!!! make sure you have the right size and the one that matches your foot type, there is certain brands which are for flat foot individuals.



what!!! physiotherapy!!! am i injured even before i started!!! injury is not the only purpose of visiting a physiotherapist. just to list a few :

  • to evaluate physical problems
  • increase muscle strength
  • maintain muscle strength and endurance
  • restore joint range of motion
  • increase joint range of motion
  • increase balance & coordination
  • decrease pain
  • decrease muscle spasm and plasticity
  • decrease swelling and inflammation of joints
  • promote healing of soft tissue lesions
  • improve mobility
  • decrease stress

i recommend visiting one from time to time to indicate any early warning signals and for injury prevention, flexibility exercises, posture fixing.

  preferably a physiotherapist who worked with athletes.

9-Educate your self


research, validate the advices you get from your PT or gym partners, don’t follow bro science myths, you will find a lot of useful information on the net but you need to know the skills on how to filter the BS out!

10- your doing this for yourself!!!


last but not least, your working out for you! not cause someone asked you to or cause everyone is doing it!! or to impress some one…

fitness is a life style, it will help you become more goal orientated, self driven, capabilities to handle stress, looking like a bad ass and Healthy as a bonus :). 

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