About Abdalla

Abdalla Al Hosani is an accomplished executive banker and founder of Compendium Consultancies. His passion towards emerging technologies and entrepreneurship has energized his career, allowing him to offer the best performance to his clients. Abdalla’s strategic planning and leadership skills have been well tempered within the business industry. Responsible for building and Maintaining strong relationships with top clients within the corporate and SME space. His Philosophy is shaped on accumulating and fostering a network of professionals— proving fruitful in the transition towards the business consultancy space.
Dedication, precision, an efficiency qualities Abdalla upholds, and achieves during every Project; with a previous background in the intense and high-stress aviation industry, his Measure of success is nothing short of performance excellence. Abdalla delivers a proactive experience to his clients, highlighting multiple areas for improvement simultaneously.
Through focused independent consultation, Abdalla will advise you on the best financial Practices for your industry. Structured around debt, equity, mergers & acquisitions; Corporations and institutions will find efficient improvement, and benefit from personalized Long-term relationship forged by Abdalla and his team. Innovative business strategies will be tailored to your organization’s specific model. Derived from root cause analysis and Business model highlighting, a plan of action will simply help your company perform better.
Abdalla earned his MBA from the Hult International Business School and prior to that, he studied abroad at the Swedish Air Traffic Services Academy (Luftfartsverket) in Malmo Sweden to acquire an ATC License in Aerodrome Control and an ATC Area Control Radar and Area Control Non-Radar License. In addition to his many years of Professional experience Abdalla Completed multiple Management and technical qualifications.
He also maintains a healthy, active lifestyle, and he is particularly fond of strength training. In 2014, Abdalla earned his Personal Fitness Trainer Certification from the IFPA. He is additionally interested in technology and entrepreneurship. Abdalla thinks of himself as a perpetual student, always seeking out new knowledge.
Abdalla has been honored many times throughout his illustrious career, including membership in the Emirarisation Committee, membership in the SME implementation project and a consistent selection as a trainer and mentor throughout his professional years.

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